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Practice Areas

Our firm provides its services with the aim of finding solutions to each of the problems posed to our clients. Below we list part of the Legal Services we provide. In case you do not know how to classify your problem in one of the following categories, please call or e-mail us and we will inform you.

Civil Law
Claims for payment, leases, evictions.
Civil Liability (CL) in its broadest sense:
• CL stemming from sanitary neglect.
• CL for traffic accidents.
• CL for construction defects.
• CL for professionals.
• Equity claims to the Public Administration.
• CL arising from crimes and misdemeanors.

Family Law and Inheritance Law
• Separations and Divorces.
• Claims for child support / Alimony.
• Request for custody of underage or disabled children.
• Prenuptial agreements.
• Wills and estates.

Criminal Law
• Crimes of homicide, injuries, abortion and other crimes against individuals.
• Crimes against property.
• Driving under alcohol influence and other crimes against traffic safety.
• Crimes of drug trafficking.
• Crimes against the Public Administration.

Labor Law
• Dismissals.
• Claims for payment.
• Processing of layoffs.
• Negotiation of collective agreements.
• Permanent disability requests.
• Social Security.
• Preparation of payrolls and social-security.
• Occupational accidents.
• Retirements.
• Occupational diseases.
• Bankruptcy proceedings.

Administrative Law
• Request of permits and administrative permissions.
• Request for public subsidies.
• Legal assistance in disciplinary procedures.
• Legal assistance in judicial review proceedings.
• Equity Claims against the Administration.
• Expropriation.

Trade Law
• Corporate Law.
• Bankruptcy law.
• Intellectual and industrial property.
• Competition law.
• Mergers and divisions.
• Company restructuring.
• Commercial debt claim (judicial and extrajudicial).
• Transportation law.

Fiscal and Tax Law
• Payment of taxes.
• Assistance in proceedings in the Tax Agency.